About: ALA Island in Second Life

ALA Island is the Second Life (SL) virtual world presence of the American Library Association (ALA).

The central location is the Main Stage on ALA Island (128, 107, 29).

Read the Library Showcase article from I Love Libraries, ALA Island: A Community Information Center for Second Life from the American Library Association, to find out what can be found there.

Events taking place on ALA Island are announced via the ALA Island Facebook Fan Page as well as the ALA Island Events Public Google Calendar. Event information as well as other key facts and announcements come via the ALA Island Twitter.

ALA Island (December 2008)

ALA Island (December 2008)

Direction for ALA Island comes from ALA’s Virtual Communities and Libraries (VCL) Member Initiative Group (MIG), which was proposed and founded in 2007. This group is open to all ALA members; contact staff liaison Christina Coleman for more information.

The ALA VCL MIG records its activities here at the Virtual Presence Blog. Both the ALA VCL MIG on ALA Connect and the ALA VCL MIG E-Discussion List are online forums for discussing topics of interest to the group, which explores issues and interests of libraries and library workers in a wide variety of social networking and multi-user universe settings. Further in-depth resources on ALA Island can be found on the ALA in virtual worlds page of the ALA Read Write Connect Wiki.

For more information on the virtual world itself and how it functions, consider joining the Second Life Users Group on ALA Connect.

Members of ALA’s academic libraries unit, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL, a division of ALA), can elect to join the ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group; contact ACRL liaison Mary Jane Petrowski for more information. Much information about the group is available at the ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group on ALA Connect.

Pictures, blog posts, and other online resources for ALA Island can be found by searching its tag: “alaisland.”

A Flickr Group was established in 2010, American Library Association in Second Lifehttp://www.flickr.com/groups/alasl — with the Description: Snapshots of the American Library Association (ALA) in the Second Life virtual world, including pictures taken on ALA Island (see link below) as well as pictures taken by ALA staff and members at various other locations within Second Life, including libraries, universities, and museums, as well as library, library association, and museum islands. And more!

Need help and information on signing up for and participating in the Second Life virtual world? Please see the Second Life page on the ALA Library Professional Tips Wiki.

Additional details and information about ALA Island is available at ALA Island in Second Life on the ALA web site.

Statement of Purpose

To provide a group within ALA for members interested in fostering the practice of library work, the visibility of libraries and library workers, and the extension of library services within online social networks, virtual worlds, and other communities of intention. To provide a mechanism for sharing experiences and practices in-person or virtually through programming or asynchronous communications. To encourage wider participation by the profession and the association in virtual worlds. and To establish a forum across all types of libraries and at all levels of library employment concerned with the development of library services in emerging social networks, virtual worlds, and other communities of intention. This group is open to all members.