Community Virtual Library Banned Books Week 2010 Essay Contest – Deadline Sept 24/Winners announced Oct 1

Banned Books Week 2010 Essay Contest

Presented in Second Life by Community Virtual Library

Deadline September 24 – Winners announced October 1

Drop entry notecards to the inventory of Algar Seelowe or mail to:

You are the director of a public library serving a suburban, middle class/blue collar community of 50,000.  Your community is diverse and and use of library services is high.

A group of concerned citizens has challenged a book in your collection and is pushing hard for its removal.  Your library board is supportive of you but concerned.  Most have businesses/firms which depend on community support to survive in these difficult economic times.  They’ve asked you to speak to them about why the library and they should risk the ire of citizens who want this book removed from your collection.  After all, “it’s just one book.  What’s the problem in removing it?”

You will need to convince your library board in your speech to them to keep this book in your collection, and in doing so instill in them an understanding of open access and the importance of a library collection that is diverse as well as challenging in providing ideas and situations that are not part of their “norm.” These are not librarians.  They are your neighbors and the governing body of your library… library users who want to know what is so important about “just one book.”


–Your speech should be at least 250 words long.

–You’re limited to books in the American Library Association’s list of most frequently challenged books, 2007-2009:

–Your entry speech should be dropped in Algar Seelowe’s inventory inworld in on a notecard with a title, “BBW Speech” by September 24   (or email it to with a subject line, “BBW Speech).

–Your Speech should be in English.

–You are giving your speech to your library board.  Keep in mind that this is a public library and that your board consists of nonlibrary folks

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