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Housekeeping: ALA Island no longer a venue at

Time and time and time again the Second Life Events of other individuals and groups would “automagically” be listed on the ALA Island venue page — — as if they were events being held on the ALA Island. For whatever reason, once an event is listed on a venue page, however it came to be listed, even the venue page owner can’t delete it from the page. Now what sense does that make??

Since Linden Lab set up these Second Life venue pages in seemingly on a whim one day — and without notifying the Second Life residents, as far as I know, as it was a random Google search one day that alerted me to the one for ALA Island — in order to give the many, many Second Life events some kind of RSS feed and therefore visibility, for ALA Island it’s been an ill whim that blows no good!

Seeing yet another set of events not belonging to us on the ALA Island venue page, I decided that enough is enough. ALA Island has a Google Calendar and other social media tools that provide RSS feeds and visibility for its (admittedly infrequent) events. Why endure an online tool that in effect malfunctions and confuses–?

The venue withdrawal request had the following message attached —

“Events that do not belong to this venue are ALWAYS being added to this page. It has become some kind of dumping ground for the Second Life Event servers which are obviously not up to the job. If you can’t get it right, what’s the point? I never added the venue in the first place, and it’s being “maintained” so badly, it isn’t funny. DELETE!!”

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