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Midwinter Sunday Programming

Contributed by Oberon Octagon and reposted because he deleted previous version

Kay Tairov and I have been pondering how to encourage interaction with SLibrarians who attened MW with those who couldn’t make it. Last summer we tried to have a briefing time for such at Salon Huron and met with mixed success. I suspect that our timing is not in sync with how attendees spend their precious hours at a conference. Even though it might seem welcome to slip into comfy clothes after a long day walking the exhibits and going to programs and fire up SL … I’ll bet the big bed beckons even more profoundly. Anyway, we do know that SLibrarians not attending do stop by ALA Island to get word of what’s going on. To that effect we put a Twitter Feed Screen up and have invited people to subscribe and share. The Tweet is ala_sl, so please join/follow/subscribe …

 Sunday, we had a good turnout for Foxfish Falta’s presentation of Guide to Reference, the Web version of one of ALA’s premier publications. Foxfish really knew what to highlight in what is a terrific implementation of an interactive Guide to Reference.

We has hoped at the last minute to have a simulcast of the keynote speech from the 70th Anniversary of the ALA Code of Ethics by Rushton Kidder, but there were technical difficulties getting a reliable stream from Denver.

Later in the afternoon, we visited the neighboring Cybrary City sim where the Association for Rural & Small
Libraries has its home. Sonja Morgwain gave a great perspective on how rural libraries can band together via Second Life to provide global service.

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Midwinter: Not Over Yet on ALA Island

Contributed by Oberon Octagon

yma mainstage.jpgFor those who weren’t able to attend the program in Denver or watch the Webcast, ALA Island’s Main Stage had three screens dedicated to viewing the video produced for the ALA Youth Media Awards. The media url for the stage will continue to carry that video for the remainder of the month. Also during the period when the Webcast was going on, our Twitter Feed screen was providing commentary from the YMA Tweet. While we did not have sim-crashing numbers during the Midwinter weekend, I felt that we did prove we can handle a variety of ways of providing programming to folks who cannot attend ALA conferences:

  • The Twitter Feed provides a means to network with people at conferences and give and get news
  • The MIG meeting allowed members in Denver and inworld interact to discuss a variety of topics and listen to speakers present programs
  • The Introduction to the new Web-based Guide to Reference used voice and slides to great effect
  • The YALSA members did an outstanding build for their Tech Playground
  • Island staff found fun ways to attract people to the island via the cross country ski course
  • Daily editions of CogNotes and a variety of Office and unit updates and reports were available frvendors.jpgom vendors along the main stage

We anticpate more video and audio presentations from MW to stream into the island in the weeks to come. We also hope to provide very soon Flickr slideshow capabilities to provide virtual members a taste of what they were missing at a conference. With every event, we have learned and are able to show a stronger ability to facilitate programming for the growing community of virtual members, who are also ALA members.

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MW09 Day One: Stats as good as the presentations

first day stats.jpgContributed by Oberon Octagon

Statistically, we did very well on our first days of MW coverage on ALA Island, with a great amount of interest in the Privacy Revolution on Friday and the Virtual Communities & Libraries Members Initiative Group (MIG) on Saturday. I have a graphic that illustrates the spike in attendance at these two venues, and noticed 37 avatars at the MIG meeting. The spike on Tuesday the 22d of January is due to an AASL meeting on the Main Stage, otherwise you can see that attendance on the island during MW has close to tripled the average attendance numbers! On the BBW site, 174 avatars were around at some point, checking out the Privacy Revolution debut and (no doubt) getting their free t-shirts!

On Friday night a number of avatars were also flitting around the YALSA Tech Playground like hummingbirds at a feeder. With a few difficulties at first, the simulcast of the FINRA press conference went well and had a fair attendance inworld and questions from SL were answered by folks in Denver.

The plan for today is to facilitate an inworld presentation of the new Web-based Guide to Reference, to be handled at 10 am SLT (noon CST, 11 am MT) on the Book Logo Platform with overflow handled at the Small Stage below the platform.

We are also coordinating efforts for SLibrarians to attend “Rural Librarians Connecting Globally” on how rural librarians are connecting in SL. Their sim is a neighbor to ALA Island. This will occur at 1 pm SLT, 2 pm MT.

At this time, I am still working with OIF people on the possibility of simulcasting the keynote address of Rushton Kidder on the 70th Anniversary of the Code of Ethics. This will be rather impromptu but will occur in the Banned Books Village square if all goes well. This would take place at 2:30 pm SLT, 1:30pm MT.

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Midwinter on ALA Island

Contributed by Oberon Octagon

Right now, I’m writing this while my avatar is dancing, pretty much alone, at the opening of the Privacy Revolution celebration at the Banned Books Week parcel of ALA Island. We are embarking on our most ambitious series of events yet, attempting to provide members who can’t get to Denver but who have Second Life accounts, to visit the island. There’s a press release available detailing almost all that we’re trying to do.

One strong part of the coverage is a Tweet (Twitter feed) that you can subscribe to by going to Twitter and looking up ala_sl and subscribing. The feed combines with Youth Media Awards and The ALA MW tweets (and maybe any others that are suggested along the way) to provide a way to report what’s happening on the island as well as at Denver. We have a screen at the Members Initiative Group area that displays all the twittering. I want to set up two more of these screens, but unlike a lot of other media screens available in SL, this one doesn’t play nicely with group-owned parcels.  (In attempting to set it up, I once again sent part of the build back to the original builders, so the MIG Center looks a bit austere right now…) At the same area, this blog is being displayed on a more group-owned-parcel-friendly gadget. Be sure to click on video to see these toys do their thing!

With the setting for MW in Denver and because the island is tinged with snow, I put together a cross-country ski trail and placed monoliths of the various book award medals and seals that will be announced over the weekend. We will have a feed of the Youth Media Awards soon after the live Webcast on Monday.

Kay Tairov has been publishing like mad providing a Thincbook publication, vendors for AL direct and Student AL Direct, CogNotes, and Linden knows what else. ALALibraryVal Miles is doing her usual thakless task of posting notices, calendars, and scouting press releases and other events, and will likely post here as well. I intend to blog and Twitter about our efforts, so please feel free to converse in whichever medium you feel most comfortable or IM me inworld at Oberon Octagon.

The ALA Island SLurl is:

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Happy New Year

You should be able to read this blog on ALA Island now. I’ve set up an RSS Screen that converts the feed to Quicktime and displays our blog pages on a screen in the Communications center, where we have the Members Iniative Group information located. I’ve also set up a Twitter Feed screen that will be handling a number of feeds related to Midwinter Activities. If you know of a feed I should subscribe to, let me know. Both screen require that you either have video feeds automatically turn on when you are in range of the screen or need to turn the video button in the lower right part of the SL viewer on.

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