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New Banned Books Week Town Square!


Banned Books Week Town Square – Come see how many book references you can spot!

Banned Books Week 2008, ALA Island (203, 55, 61)

See a teaser photo via Flickr:

 Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island

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Name the Garden Contest on ALA Island! Deadline: October 4, 8 am SLT

ALA needs your help to name our beautiful new garden, designed and built by Second life avatar Jedda Zenovka! See the contest entry sign via Flickr:

Name the Garden Contest on ALA Island

Name the Garden Contest on ALA Island

ALA Reading Garden – A whimsical and calming place to sit and chat, listen to the current audio program, or just take a moment to chill out and think.

Submit your garden name suggestions via note card to Second Life avatar Kay Tairov by 8 am SLT 10/4/08. Be sure you also include your SL Name on your card!

The winning name will be announced at the Banned Books Week in Second Life Read Out on 10/4/08 at 12:30 SLT.  The winner need not be present to win. The winner will also receive the real life READ Poster of their choice from ALA Graphics (see the entire selection, as well as all of our other great reading gifts at )

Come See the Garden:
Garden Storytelling Area (28, 103, 21)

Or go see more of Jedda’s awesome gardening work:
* COMET CORP *, IW5 (154, 132, 24)

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Banned Books Week Schedule Sept 27th to Oct 4, 2008

Here are the events that we have scheduled so far for ALA Island in Second Life for 2008 Banned Books Week. More events to be announced. Locations subject to change. See this blog and/or the (new!) ALA Island Facebook Fan Page for latest information.

Last revised: September 29, 2008


Banned Books Week Town SquareMain site for this week’s Banned Books Week events!

Come see how many book references you can spot!

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61)

ALA Garden Storytelling Area – A whimsical and calming place to sit and chat, listen to the current audio program, or just take a moment to chill out and think.Enter the Name the Garden contest for a free READ poster of your choice.

Garden Storytelling Area on ALA Island (28, 103, 21)


Saturday, Sept. 27th

– Censorship and School Libraries (30 min) ALL DAY

Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)  — New Coordinates!

March 5, 1982 episode of “The Open Mind”

Host: Richard D. Heffner, University Professor of Communications and Public Policy at Rutgers University

Guests: George W. Lipp, Jr., counsel for the Board of Education, and Alan H. Levine, counsel for Steven Pico and the other students, for the legal case, Board of Education, Island Trees Union Free School District Number 26 et al vs. Steven Pico et al, 457 U.S. 853, which helped bring about Banned Books Week. Read the transcript. Courtesy of the Internet Archive of The Open Mind episodes.

(FYI: See the book Board of Education v. Pico (1982) by John C. Gold. New York: Twenty-First Century Books, 1994)

Sunday, Sept. 28th

– Frank Zappa On Crossfire, 1986-03-28 (30 min) ALL DAY

Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)  — New Coordinates!

March 28, 1986 episode of “Crossfire”

Hosts: Tom Braden and Robert Novak

Guests: Rock musician Frank Zappa and Washington Post reporter John Lofton debate labeling of rock music records and censorship of music videos

Courtesy of the Internet Archive of Open Source Movies.

Monday, Sept. 29th

12:30 Second Life Time/Pacific Time – 2:30 Central Time

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61) — New location!

– Discussion of And Tango Makes Three, written by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, and illustrated by Henry Cole.

What makes this the most challenged book for the last two years?

Comments and questions from audience encouraged

Judy Blume . . . and Our Children’s Freedom to Read (1992) (30 min) ALL DAY

Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)  — New Coordinates!

1992 episode of “The Open Mind”

Host: Richard D. Heffner

Guest: Author Judy Blume

Courtesy of the Internet Archive of The Open Mind episodes

Tuesday, Sept. 30th

– Storylines Midwest episode (60 min) ALL DAY

Garden Storytelling Area on ALA Island (28, 103, 21) — New location!

Featuring A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, winner of Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1991

Successfully banned at high school in Lynden, WA in 1994; successfully retained at high school in Round Rock, TX in 1996


Storylines Midwest episode (60 min) ALL DAY

Featuring Native Son by Richard Wright. Challenged in New Hampshire and in New Jersey in 1978; challenged in Massachusetts in 1982; challenged in Michigan in 1988; challeneged in Washington in 1994; challeneged in North Carolina in 1996; challeneged in California and in Indiana in 1998.

Sky Book Platform on ALA Island (129, 156, 69)

Wednesday, Oct. 1st

12:30 Second Life Time/Pacific Time – 2:30 Central Time

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61) — New location!

– Discussion Topic: Is Banned Books Week Necessary?

Do you think Banned Books Week is necessary? Important? Or is it all just National Hogwash Week?

Discussion moderated by Second Life avatar Bryan Anderton/Bryan Campbell of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom.

Comments and questions from audience expected!

Thursday, Oct. 2nd

4:00 Second Life Time/Pacific Time – 6:00 Central Time

– Dance at *new* Garden of ALA Island

Garden Storytelling Area on ALA Island (28, 103, 21) — New location!

Theme: Arabian Nights or The Thousand and One Nights by Anonymous

Not allowed into the USA (1927-1931) and confiscated in Egypt (1985), said to threaten moral fabric of citizens.

SPECIAL!!  — Don’t forget to enter the Name the Garden Contest!

Friday, Oct. 3rd

12:30 Second Life Time/Pacific Time – 2:30 Central Time

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61) — New location!

– Open debate on The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

What makes this book so objectionable to the parents of high school students?

Several volunteers needed to debate the two main opposing sides — please contact Bryan Campbell of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom about participation. Or send an IM (Instant Message) to Second Life avatar Bryan Anderton.

Comments and questions from audience encouraged, but this will be more of a structured debate than a discussion.

Judy Blume (2000) (30 min) ALL DAY

Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)  — New Coordinates!

October 20, 2000 episode of “The Open Mind”

Host: Richard D. Heffner

Guest: Author Judy Blume

Courtesy of the Internet Archive of The Open Mind episodes

Saturday, Oct. 4th

12:30 Second Life Time/Pacific Time – 2:30 Central Time

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61) — New location!

– ALA Island Banned Books Week Read-Out & Fireworks

ALA Staff and guests will read aloud from selected works that have been banned or challenged. Readers will include Oberon Octagon, ALALibraryVal Miles, Bryan Anderton, Kay Tairov, Elaine Tulip, Bunny Iwish, and more.

Reading will use voice chat.

Feel free to volunteer — more participants needed!

Party on the riverboat will follow.

The Delta Lady Riverboat on ALA Island (84, 15, 26)

5:00 Second Life Time/Pacific Time – 7:00 Central Time

Main Stage on ALA Island (127, 103, 29)

In-world appearance by author Chris Crutcher


If you have questions or comments, please send IM or note card to Second Life avatars Kay Tairov, Oberon Octagon, or ALALibraryVal Miles.

Or send e-mail to the ALA Second Life Team.

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The Real SLCC08 Wrapup!

Posted by Oberon Octagon

So sorry about my previous post, which presented all that lovely MS Word code! It was late that night before going away from a long, much-needed weekend off the ‘net and all things virtual! I really didn’t mean to submit what was basically my internal report about SLCC 08. Let’s try it again …

For me the difference between this year’s convention and last year’s convention was striking. The Education Track was so full they actually held an extra day for just their programs on Friday. And on the other two days, there was usually a choice of two or three presentations per time slot compared to the other tracks. Furthermore, the hotel’s technology actually supported a number of “interworld” presentations and all the keynotes streamed to fairly significant numbers of avatars in three locations inworld. Yes, there were times when people at the convention were asked to log off of SL to accommodate the folks inworld, but that’s a good thing, right? Finally, it was so much better in terms of meeting people since I was there 24/7 rather than visiting a hotel in Chicago for each day as I did last year.

While I didn’t actually get to handle Inworld Coordinator duties for which I signed up, I did observe the people who were doing it and have a good idea of how it was done. I also have names and will contact them for more details so we can do the same for our events. I would love to see a program track in future SLCCs for learning to do this very important task.

The education tracks were good, I suppose, but only a few applied to librarians/libraries. Those I attended were very well done. AJ Brooks’ Workshop on Building Community was outstanding … he’s a good presenter and a great evangelikal for SL. The Global Kids stuff was terrific; Barry Joseph ( is just incredible, speaking on the “Ludic Life,” the blending of Game Life and Real Life that signal that virtual worlds are not a passing fancy but an evolution of society as we know it.

Last year’s educational presentations were awe-inspiring … this year had some of that but also just down-to-earth practical stuff. They attempted three formats of presentation: Speed Mentoring (30-minutes focuses on a specific topic), Programs (usual fare of mixed media presentations), and the  SLED Sparks (presentations of 20 slides in 2 minutes!)—We all need to look at these, which is very advanced in eLearning circles. See for full list of streamed content and particularly the 20-minute Sparks video.

Last year had a much better (healthier?) balance of community and business tracks as well as education tracks. This year the balance really went toward education. Yes, we need a library track … One question I would put forward, however: does it go in with education or business or community? I would like to see more practical presentations at SLCC, like how to make machinimas, create and use textures in building, building and terraforming tricks of the trade and any tools available, do streaming presentations in SL, etc. I would hope the preponderance of education tracks won’t have a chilling effect on attendance or programming at next year’s SLCC, which is rumored to be set for Las Vegas but will take into account the educators who really didn’t like the September dates for this year. (They’re gonna love Las Vegas *rolls eyes* … )

At the NonProfit Commons discussion, Kay Tairov and I were “streamed” to about twenty inworld participants as we talked about ALA’s objectives. MJ Linden (Matt Jensen, Proactive Concierge, assigned to nonprofits in SL for LL) was there and we exchanged MOO cards – another good LL contact along with Claudia Linden, of course.

All About the People

I met a number of people I’ve worked with inworld: Jeremy Kemp (Jeremy Kabumpo, SL) from SJSU and Robin Williams (Greylin Fairweather, SL), now with Sun Microsystems, but who was the lead designer for the SJSU team of grad students; Jeremy Koester (Jeremy Braver, SL), who is an education consultant on Virtual Worlds and Social Media, who gave a great low-tech presentation; AJ Kelton (AJ Brooks), the SLED roundtable moderator; and Bernadette Swanson (HVX Silverstar), who ran the Machinima Institute on ALA InfoIsland before we took it over (no hard feelings!). I just noticed in the program that I missed Kelly Czarnecki (BlueWing Hayek), with whom I’m working on a YA author presentation on the island.

Upon returning from SLCC, two contacts presented me with inworld gifts! Loki Clifton, gave me a demo copy of his Holodek, and California Condor, gave me a HUD edition of the Bible.

What was a great surprise were the number of librarians who recognized my avi name and greeted me quite enthusiastically. In particular, Jean Gardner from the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, which was a neighbor to the Washington Office’s building early on—asked about Galen (Mark Bard). Jean’s husband is associated with the Kaufman Foundation and he was very interested in exploring ways we can work together. These SLibrarians were glad that ALA was supporting them inworld with the island and  represented at SLCC. Kay and I held an informal breakfast meeting on Sunday with a fair turnout of librarians.

Moving Forward

We’re ramping up our second annual Banned Books Week for Second Life and hope the SL community will join us in celebrating our freedoms of speech and communication. Scheduled to begin September 27 and run through the following Saturday, we will have presentations and social events.

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End of Day 3 of SLCC08

Posted by Oberon Octagon

Panel on Machinima: Art of Visual Animation

With 11 years of experience in machinima, their favorite is SL for tools

–Film on Virtual Africa–

sitting in the sun too long!

nice edit from 13 min to 2


Teaser for version of CSI for SL — cool

–Grid Review–

NBA headquarters, streaming tv
the Green 13-week series (actual green clothes)
Walk the World …. end child hunger
“If you can’t spot the sucker after a half hour, you are the sucker.”

–John Ecscher Pilot–
“Serious” drama … make avatar of dead wife … pretty odd
Mix of FL film and machinima

Let’s talk!
Grid Review lost their sponsor ….
Labor intensive: week between segments, to create three minutes
Day to write a script with a lot of improv
Two days to shoot. Finding assets is biggest problem … repurposing stuff
Drax and Seabrook are married, quite charming

no script or idea …. edited before the script, the stage business was removed for the clip
250 hours total, including picking up or buyng props and animations and such
Generosity of people allowing filming on their property
Traditional film bakground, and he rstuff is going to Cambridge film festival, and largest showcase of machinima
Response is very encouraging
VW Conf — two days devoted to machinima

Escher thing has an actual relation … watching one’s avatar being tortured affects the person
“Walmart of animation”

Do script and ideas and push machinima to match the level of that idea, if you let yourself limit your ideas by what you have in inventory or repurposed material.

Don’t be deterred by trying it.

Capture to HD 60fps use apps to convert the raw to QT
Can’t turn off anti-aliasing on a Mac

Final Cut and Audio Clip apps for final production

iMovie on Mac works well in down and dirty

Machinima is a democratizing medium–a strength of SL

What can we tell the Lindens?
Positive meeting with L … access to points on the face for fuller expressions

Movie Storm is a free environment for making movies (good for expressions, not so good for costumes)

Visual voice of the virtual world

Great presentation that was missed by several people I knew wanted to see it because of confusing announcements made during the day. And there doesn’t appear to be a detailed schedule for tracking down the names of the people on the panel.

And here’s a brief summary of what I mentioned in an earlier post: The SLEDcc people had so much material and were so much better organized (or probably just had more volunteers) that it was like a conference within the convention, except it was bigger! For example of this, you need only look at the schedules presented on the Web:

Community Track One:
Business Track:

Last year’s convention was much more balanced in this regard with more and better presentations in the Community and Business tracks.

My brain is fried and I can’t really think of much else to report. The biggest thing for me was just the immersion in the whole convention. I met face to face Pedro McMillan, of Sloodle fame, who flew in from Scotland; Greylin Fairweather, who helped build ALA Island (and gave it an exam after our terrain problems went undiagnosed by Linden Labs); HVX Silverstar, our former tenant on ALA Island, proprietress of Machinima Institute; and AJ Brooks, ringleader of the SLED Roundtable. Plus I met a number of librarians who had actually heard of and were pleased to meet me! Jeremy Kabumpo, of SJSU, I’d met before and it was good to be able to tell him his investment in ALA Island is working albeit slowly. Last year, I wandered lonely halls filled with these strangers and then rushed back to ALA office to file blogs because our power was out at home (all weekend!) and never had the evenings to schmooze and get acquainted.

I can’t wait till next year!

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Day 3 : Morning

Breakfast with SL librarians here … we had about half dozen people, met HVX Silverstar, and learned that someone from iTeam resources is looking for me! Compared to last year’s convention, this one does not have the rich Community, Social, and Business programming that the one in Chicago had. It does have Open Source and Nonprofit tracks that are very significant for getting our input. Being immersed at the hotel 24/7 definitely has advantages compared with last year where I went home at the end of the day, with little opportunity for schmoozing.

Just flashed my badge and face at a camera and said Hi from ALA to inworld attendees.

Robert Bloofield keynote

Green and Global<<<<

Paid more attention to getting inworld and seeing who was there. Very impressive — then waas asked to leave to spare bandwidth!

Places create history even in SL

Serendipity occurs in SL just as well as in FL (first life)

Constructive cacophany …. gestures, built-in phrases, IM …. visual as well as audio,  incoming notices
engaged with material rather than “your travel plans”

Sim Ownership: 7 rules for a better use of SL in web marketing
Pretty much standard common sense and found on one screen of the PPT

Machinima is running all morning, great stuff.

Some worthwhile links:

Another good resource of SLED presentations

Will get back.

The SLEDcc wiki:

Updates and streaming video

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End of Day 2 at SLCC 08

I’ve finally logged in as myself! Backing up to provide more details on my earlir post:

Griefing=Spectacular Subcultures of Second Life: Looking Beneath the Lulz
Burcu Bakiolu (SL: Defne Demar)

Using Second Life to Create Research Tools
Mark Bell (SL: Typewriter Tackleberry)
I didn’t mean to slight a good presentation, but I haven’t seen what the distinction was between this and a non “Speed Mentoring” session …

The Cancerland notes are very sketchy and sorry about that. I went ti the room expecting a pesentation by the American Cancer Society and caught the tail end of Virtual Peer Suuport for Cancer Survivors. Is this a testamony to the significance of what SL can do or what?

LUNCH —nice sit-down affair with ginaormous number of attendees (have not heard an official count yet)

Avatrait presentation was a surprise … business in SL art is big. Kay rode plane with the guy. Pitching her art to him. (Ooops is that okay to mention she has a second Second Life?)

SLEdCC Mixed Reality event/games

You’re not going to accept that I went to this one for Jenny Levine, right? But I’m glad I did! This marks the point where I became once again an enthusiastic supporter of the SLCC!

Games …. pretty down to bare bones presentation. And great presenter. Admitted a tendency toward ADD. Taught 8th grade math. Jeremy Braver (A Furry and in person he has the frenetic personality I associate with most furries I’ve met and that’s not a slight by any means!) (Jeremy Koester, a man Jenny Levine must meet!)

Video games for learning … no tools… so he got masters in ed instruct design and focused on virtual worlds (John Keller book on motivation)

Founded Gaming & Learning in SL group…over 600 members

wow one of the best sessions with no tech whatsoever! Jeremy sat down and let his passion for games and learning just flow. It was incredible, pesonal, real, and something everyone in the room was touched by. And I got to level up two levels in the Royalty game!

And what a wonderful surprise, I met Greylein Fairweather at long last! Our Chief Builder and partner Intuit (Pacman in SL game) player, who hold the 10th highest score! She took a look at our terrain difficulties and it’s not going to be a simple solution unfortunately.
######Barry Joseph talked about Digital Minstelsy as well as the Tipping


Big difference of not pretending to be that person with a backstory that supports the illusion

We need to ask ourselves about the educational aspects of minstrelcy … we know it’s an act.

Ryan and Mercury case study

“multiform domain” per Thomas Malaby

consequences in and out of the play space….enhanced by the ludic affordances of second life

New paradigms of meaning are arising from digital games

Ludic paradigm

Discuss CSI and The Office and how they missed it.

ID play.

Ludic Life=Combination … Ryan never represented himself as a woman in FL
Life=Complete findelity to life

Used a 5-point scale with these three points

Can’t tip=the ludic life prevents it….it’s a tension that we strive on. The discomfort is not to be avoided

Dont treat the luddites as if they’re stupid … explain the social discomfortures

Dont call all the possibilities … stop using infinite

I expected this to be a highlight presentation and it was. This guy is terrific, doing great things, and deserves all the MacArthur Foundation grants he gets!

I was pretty much toast but Kay dragged me to one more program … in the Community Track on On profits, the “Closing Panel” and we found ourselves in a video streaming to the Web in something called Quik? And inworld to a group of about 20 people at the NonProfit Commons (NPC). Wow! High tech! We met the Linden assigned to work with nonprofits, which we will definitely take advantage of. I think the folks there were impressed that such a big nonprofit was there and doing modestly well without thier tutolage, but we definitely made some good contacts for future help and for helping other nonprofits, as well.

Now we’re going to go hang out in the big wifi-enabled lobby of the Marriott Waterside and see if we can get a group withwhom either to dine or jump inworld.

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Day Two: It’s getting away from me!

For the sake of staying contemporaneous, I’m going to post these unpolished notes on Day 2 …

The breakfast with M Linden, the CEO of Linden Labs, and Phillip Rosedale, founder of LL, was a feelgood talk about accomplishments. No apologies for treating residents like lab rats like last year. M appears to be very interested in talking to attendees and I’m going to try to meet him. Remember that OO’s typist is an introvert so this is the challenge of the convention.

Remind me to write about my adventure last night. (No don’t …)

cal condor discussion — this slcc is a yawn v last year

LAN service has degraded and the laptop has not helpd.

Grief Culture in SL (sorry not the official title)

Something awful forum —> Goons

shits & GIGGLES=lulz

subculture: something style
dick hebdish hebdidge?

stylistic protests against the hegemony, LL is the Man that they protest against

Jamming the promise of a better system

superficial fringes of sims and symbolic

w-hat, baku junior —

Furries big target, too

disrupts the normalization of experience

noise v sound

4chan very careful nsfw site
b/tards on the b-thread   random stupid humor

Attack on Internet is serious business

03-04 — SA Goons … finally banned by LL
Voted 5 (06, Satyr<–sim)
Patriatic Nigras (pool’s closed)

As they are damaging sims, they are using “vernacular creativity”  They have created a language

Tacowood parody of luskwood

Elite in their builds/themes …. went for coherent design


winter wonderland

bakuwood — destroying moral fabric of america

fort longcat …. on top of sims

furry grinding house and Hitler disco

SPACIAL LITERACY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



comments: griefers want them to know that they are operating under a fragile contract with community

marxists don’t believe in anarchists

There are cultural analogies in first life:

Speed mentoring …. Building Research Tools (Mark Bell) Tyepwriter tackleberry
(Synthetic Worlds Initiative?)


vw=a synchronous persistent network of avatars …blah blah

vdci=virtual data collection interface

It’s on a hud, so you can move around … private and can be completed wihen done
Enormous response, real-time data, with no errors


Where was the speed?

smaller instances of virtua worlds works best in sl

law of supply & demand …. things work the same way in vws, and at a fraction of the cost as in real world

Green Land and Dusk Econ experiments (Dark Carnival)

Wasn’t this supposed to be mentoring? And not very speedy …. WTF?
ACS presentation


REal suuport in a vw.

growth from 100-205 in 12 mo\\

90 caregivers

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End of Day One at SLCC 08

Intellagirl Tully gave the SLED keynote after lunch: The bright, shiny phase is over … and then addresses why we are not getting buy-in from our colleagues about using SL as a learning tool. As AJ Brook asked much later in the course of the presentation: “No one questions why we expect students to use books or Blackboard … why the resistance?” Tully provided a structure for analyzing the way we should approach working SL into educational uses: we make a promise, we provide a tool, and make a bargain. Each aspect of those three points can break down and cause adoption of SL problematic. Great way to look at this problem. I could see where we at ALA are having difficulties getting the “promise” articulated as well as the work needed to perfect the tool and getting the bargain worked out. (I’d be more specific but I’m pressed to get this posted, so push me in your comments … but be sure to read her presentation notes when posted at

A fine workshop by AJ Brooks focused on building communities in SL and provided great tips on using the Friends and Profiles tools to enhance “presence” … three points of contact, as he called them. AJ runs the SLED Roundtable that meets every Tuesday at 3:30 PM SLT in Second Life and I recommend this exchange of ideas to anyone in LSL. His wiki is ….

After a long day of program it was nice to step out in the warm evening and take a trolley (25 cent fare!) to the Patel Performance Center and see a mutli-relaity presentation that was ctreated there, and just to meet and mingle with fellow SLEDders.

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SLCC Day 1: Halfway through…

The two Lindens working with non-profits in SL, Cladia and Pathfinder led the keynote for the education track this morning. So many good prsentations were offered for SLCC that the SLEDcc decided to open the conventiojn a day early to include the ones they couldn’t fit into the normal two days allotted the other tracks. The keynote was a very nice highlight of where they’ve been and a request of where audience and inworld attendees wanted to see SL go.

Two big aspirations that the Lindens shared with the attendees were an API that can really address the registration of students in SL and a way to bridge the Teen Grid with the great eduational sims available in the main grid.

I also attended the ALICE presentation (ALICE Library Project: Improving the library experience in Second Life) a project that is an attempt to deliver faster and more meaningful access to books in SL.

Alot of the presentations are being posted to

One thing that confused some of the inowrld coord volunteers was a seeming discrepancy between the program and the SLEDcc wiki ( — cleared up very simply: there are events going on inworld that do not have counterparts at the convention … A bonus I took advantage of by attending Learning Quests and Alternate Reality Games (ARG) in Second Life inwolrd while not needed as inworld coord.

The Learning Quest presentation, exclusively inworld

The Learning Quest presentation, exclusively inworld

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