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NLW 2009: Debrief

Posted by Oberon Octagon

Mutant Lives displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.

Mutant Lives displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.

For those who don’t know what NLW stands for (I was asked this on two occasions on the ALA Main Stage in Second Life), it stands for National Library Week. This was our second year in SL celebrating NLW. The theme was Worlds Connect @yourlibrary and Island staff tried to make connections with other agencies in SL to widen the scope of our celebration. We had two very well-attended presentations, one given by North Lamar (Joe Sanchez) on Virtual Worlds, with more than 20 avis present throughout, and by Cielo Paris (Jenny Levine) on the ALA Connect application just launched the week before, with more than a dozen attending. Two great book talks were given, and at all times there were plenty of multimedia programs to be visited at AL Focus Mountain or on the Galen Noltenius Sky Platform. We did everything we’ve done before and it went smoothly–we’ve gotten pretty good with it.

Biran's Gadgets displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.


We also ran a treasure hunt that didn’t involve free t-shirts or posters but honest-to-goodness prizes given by honest-to-goodness SL vendors outside the InfoIsland Archipelago! The concept was to spread gift boxes to various sims on the Archipelago (Land of Lincoln, Bradburyville, etc.). The hunter finds a box that has a gift, a landmark to the store from which the gift came, and the landmark for the next sim in the hunt. I’ll readily confess it could have been better, but we had eight vendors out of the two dozen solicited volunteer to provide valuable gifts to the treasure hunters, from 50% off gift certificates to event gadgets, fun accessories and games. Two vendors had to drop out because I wasn’t available in time to work with them-I learned much about the fine details of setting up this kind of event. We also had someone basically walk off with a gift box and had to take that sim out of the hunt. Twenty people are recorded as having bought our treasure map (for free). I don’t have any information from the vendors as to how much traffic came to their stores from this rather modest group. As you can see from screen caps, three stores put up an NLW Sponsor poster, which we hoped let the wider SL world know about us. I am determined to grow this hunt during future week-long activities excepting AC and MW, when there’s already too much to do and too few to do it! But I believe strongly that we need to connect with the rest of Second Life and not become a special interest ghetto, and this is one way to do that.

Mimi*a*Go*Go displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.

Mimi*a*Go*Go displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.

FWIW, here are the numbers for the week of April 12-18 when I break down our stat collectors to unique visitors:

  • Salon Huron = 64
  • Main Stage = 411
  • Banned Books Week Village = 64
  • AL Focus Mountain = 13

Frankly, the numbers are not the way to measure this event, which we really attempted to spread out beyond our island. If anyone else out there has numbers for that week, please post in a comment here! What I find most fascinating is a relatively newcomer to SL and the Archipelago just being there the whole week! One fellow has apparently applied for a job at the ALA Washington Office! (I’m rooting for you! We need more ALA staff with SL experience!) He went to everything, although at times it looked like he may have been sleeping!

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