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The Future is Now: Libraries and Museums in Virtual Worlds on March 5-6, 2010

Future Is Now Conference 2010 Logo
The Future is Now: Libraries and Museums in Virtual Worlds
Conference Co-Organizers: ALA VCL MIG (American Library Association Virtual Communities and Libraries Member Initiative Group), the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of ALA) Virtual Worlds Interest Group, the Alliance Library System (of the state of Illinois), and TAP Information Services. Sponsor: LearningTimes, an open community of education and training professionals.

Everyone is invited to participate in The Future is Now: Libraries and Museums in Virtual Worlds, an online conference to be held on Friday and Saturday, March 5th and 6th, 2010, in the OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries) webconferencing collaborative service; in Second Life; and in other three-dimensional virtual worlds. (Initially, this event was named the Virtual Worlds and Libraries Online Conference, and is the event mentioned by author Marilyn Johnson in the February 25, 2010 USA TODAY newspaper article, “Author: Librarian, cybrarian appreciation is ‘Overdue’” by Craig Wilson.) Throughout this two-day conference there will be dozens of presentations, panel discussions, poster sessions, demonstrations, tours, and social events; see the current list of poster sessions as well as poster set-up information. You need not be proficient in virtual worlds to participate in this conference. Orientation sessions will be held on March 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th; see the ALA VCL MIG’s Virtual Presence Second Life Orientation Sessions blog entry for times, location, and other details. The Future is Now Conference has a tiered registration fee. View the Future is Now conference schedule. The official Twitter Hashtag: #FIN10

Keynote Speakers:

· Marilyn Johnson, author of the new book, This Book is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All. She also wrote The Dead Beat: Lost Souls, Lucky Stiffs, and the Perverse Pleasures of Obituaries.

· Tom Atkinson teaches Instructional Technology at the U. of Central Florida and has over 30 years of experience in designing, producing, delivering, and evaluating interactive instruction on mobile learning platforms and in virtual worlds

· Sharon Tettegah and Cynthia Colongne, co-authors of the 2009 book, Identity, Learning and Support in Virtual Environments.

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New Public Flickr Group: American Library Association in Second Life

In an attempt to gather together the various photos and photo-sets on Flickr of ALA Island as well as of ALA members and staff at Second Life events under one umbrella, the following Public Flickr Group was created –

American Library Association in Second Life



Snapshots of the American Library Association (ALA) in the Second Life virtual world, including pictures taken on ALA Island — — as well as pictures taken by ALA staff and members at various other locations within Second Life, including libraries, universities, and museums, as well as library, library association, and museum islands. And more!


Feel free to join and add your photos to the Group!

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Current Halloween ALA Island Programs, other Second Life Event Info

For the most up-to-date information on what’s at ALA Island in Second Life, become a Fan of the ALA Island —

Or follow the ALA Island Twitter feed —

On ALA Connect: Virtual Communities and Libraries, Second Life Users Group, and Virtual Worlds Interest Group (ACRL – Association of College and Research Libraries)

See the ALA Island Google Calendar

Recent programming notes —

Member Lounge on ALA Island (79, 89, 29): Oct 2009 Games in Libraries Podcast by Scott Nicholson: National Gaming Day 2009

Now playing at Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46): Frankenstein, 1910 film version. More info at

This week at Story Hour Garden on ALA Island (25, 101, 21): Graveyard Mansion episode of Witch’s Tale radio. More info at


SJSU SLIS Second Life 3rd Annual Halloween Party on 10/30 at 5:30 pm PT/SLT on SJSU SLIS Island

Second Life Blogs: Commerce Forums: Halloween Spotlight Offers Virtual Tricks and Treats

RT – Second Life College Fair exhibit booths will be open til Nov 15! #SLCF09 International Schools 2 (109, 72, 24)

See the Library, Museum, Lectures, Discussions, Music, and Art Gallery Events in the Second Life(R) Online Virtual World Google Calendar

Second Life Librarians on Ning –

Customized RSS Feeds – Librarian Events in Second Life, Second Life Fashion, Second Life Places to Go, Music and Parties in Second Life

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Announcing the Virtual Worlds Interest Group of ALA’s Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL, a division of ALA)

Success! As mentioned in the May 21st entry, 25 signatures from members of ALA’s Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL, a division of ALA) were indeed collected and the accompanying proposal approved by the ACRL Board of Directors, and so the ACRL Second Life Task Force has been “promoted” to the ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group!

Members of ACRL can elect to join the ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group; contact ACRL liaison Mary Jane Petrowski for more information, including dues amount. Much information about the group is available at the ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group on ALA Connect.

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Second Life & Virtual World-related programs @ 2009 ALA Annual Conference

The Virtual Communities and Libraries Member Initiative Group meeting for the 2009 ALA Annual Conference — taking place in the hometown of ALA Headquarters: Chicago, IL! — will take place in real life on Saturday, July 11, 2009, at 3:00 pm CT (1:00 pm PT/SLT), at National Louis University, which is located at 122 S. Michigan Avenue. Meet the members of VCL MIG in the Second Floor Atrium.

Do you have friends going to Annual Conference who would like a chance to see what SL is like? IM Oberon Octagon if interested in attending an orientation session in the ALA HQ Training Room this Friday, July 10, 2009 at 10am or 2pm CT for a chance to see your avatar on a BIG screen. Get tips on using the SL viewer, see ALA Island, or just have a group together in one room for a dual-world chat.

There will be free Second Life Librarian ribbons for your badge from Tina Coleman (ALA Island’s Kay Tairov in Second Life) at the Membership Pavilion, Booth #3034, at McCormick Place, which opens tomorrow, July 11, at 8:45 am Central Time.

Pick up your free 2009 ALA Annual Conference T-Shirt for your avatar in-world at the Main Stage on ALA Island (130, 103, 31).

2009 ALA Annual Conference Kiosk and Free Avatar Conference T-Shirt Vendor on ALA Island

2009 ALA Annual Conference Kiosk and Free Avatar Conference T-Shirt Vendor on ALA Island

For news in-world, visit the VCL MIG Twitter Screen Area on ALA Island (131, 213, 28). Join one (or both) of the Second Life online communities on ALA Connect: Virtual Communities and Libraries, Second Life Users Group. Follow ALA Island on Twitter at — and join the ALA Island Facebook Fan Page.

Next week, we’ll be posting a round-up of the Cognotes issues from conference and streaming in any podcasts or video captured at various events and programs.

Our first video is already up! Go to AL Focus Video Village on ALA Island (79, 44, 44) and watch the brief interview with Paula Poundstone before she appeared as a panelist just last night before a 500-strong all-librarian audience for this week’s live taping of the NPR radio quiz show, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! The video is titled Paula Poundstone at Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

2009 ALA Annual Conference — Sessions discussing Second Life and other virtual worlds

Life After 2.0
Public Library Association (PLA, a division of ALA)
Saturday, July 10, 1:30 pm-3:00 om Central Time
Location: McCormick Place West in W-190b

Track: Digital Information & Technologies
What has become of the initial push for Web 2.0 technologies and services in public libraries? Which programs have been successful? What have we learned from the failures? Blogs, wikis, Second Life, and all things Library 2.0 will be considered against the backdrop of librarian/patron satisfaction. Join our panel of Web 2.0 experts as they discuss what some libraries have done to measure the quality and impact of 2.0 services.

Speakers: Lori Bell, Director of Innovation, Alliance Library System, East Peoria, Ill.; Helene Blowers, Director of Digital Strategy, Columbus (Ohio) Metropolitan Library; Meredith Farkas, Head of Instructional Initiatives, Kretzberg Library, Norwich University, Vt.; Jed Moffitt, Moderator, Associate Director, Information Technology Systems, King County (Wash.) Library System; Michelle Springer, Project Manager, Digital Initiatives, Library of Congress, Washington, DC

Giving Maps a Second Life with Digital Technologies
Map and Geography Round Table (MAGERT)
Saturday, July 11, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm Central Time
Location: Hyatt Regency McCormick in Conf. Ctr. 23

Track: Digital Information & Technologies
Please join the Map and Geography Round Table (MAGERT) in welcoming Mr. David Rumsey of Cartography Associates who will be presenting a program entitled Giving Maps a Second Life with Digital Technologies.  In this program, Mr. Rumsey will show how his increasing use of digital technologies and the Internet over the past decade has transformed his work as a historical map scholar and collector. Using imaging software, GIS, and popular applications like Google Earth and Second Life, Rumsey has given new life to old maps, both in their dissemination and our ability to analyze and understand them, thereby unlocking the information held in maps for use in a wide range of disciplines. He will discuss and demonstrate how he offers these software tools and a growing number of digitized maps themselves on his free public online map library at

Web 2.0 meet the Standards for 21st Century Learner
American Association of School Librarians (AASL, a division of ALA)
Sunday, July 12, 10:30-12:00
Location: McCormick Place West in W-187

Track: Digital Information & Technologies
The panel will demonstrate five Web 2.0 tools, highlighting the features that support our new standards. At tables, groups will brainstorm and develop how these tools can be used to support inquiry learning and report out. The moderator will record these ideas in a wiki designed for future growth. We hope to be able to share this session with 2.0-style—Ustream and have others Twitter in. As a wrap up, we may go into Second life and discuss the same tools with some librarian around the country/world (pre-arranged).

Presenters: Joyce Valenza, Pam Berger, Wendy Stephens, Christopher Harris, Lisa E Perez, Jeff Hastings, and Robin Williams

Making Virtual Reality-Based Library Services Real for K-12 Teachers & Librarians
American Association of School Librarians (AASL, a division of ALA)
Sunday, July 12, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm Central Time
Location: McCormick Place West in W-175b/c

Track: Administration & Leadership; Collaboration
This program will identify and share effective professional development technologies; best practices in using a virtual reality environment to deliver professional library services; information about effective practices in administering a virtual-reality based library services program. Using Second Life, the technology and its uses will be discussed highlighting the benefits to networking, resource identification and professional development. The Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries Second Life Project will be used to demonstrate from the project planning to implementation. This program will also discuss the future of multi-user virtual reality environments, including information on other current virtual reality  environments, development of education grids, interoperability with other Web 2.0 technologies, and open
standard development.

Speakers: Lisa Perez; Christie Thomas

My Avatar Will Contact Your Avatar: Virtual Worlds, Real Opportunities
Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA, a division of ALA), Systems and Services Section (SASS)
Monday, July 13, 8:00 am-10:00 am Central Time
Location: McCormick Place West in W-178a

Track: Administration & Leadership; Leadership & Management
Virtual worlds are creating a new strain of librarianship, with its own set of opportunities and affordances.  The number of virtual worlds and the overall citizenship of virtual worlds continue to increase.  Many libraries are developing services and collections in virtual worlds.  Sooner or later all libraries will need to make a decision about virtual worlds.  In this program, we will explore the following questions: What are the trends and developments in virtual worlds, such as Second Life, Lively, Qwaq, Teen Second Life, and Whyville? How are they being used by libraries and library-related organizations? What factors should libraries consider in deciding whether or not to develop a virtual world presence? What is the future of librarianship in virtual worlds? What resources and skills are needed to start and sustain a virtual world library presence?

Speakers: Lori Bell, Alliance Library System; Tom Peters, TAP Information Services; Kathryn Robinson, Orange County Library System

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Library Buzz on Info Island Tonight at 5 pm PT/SLT: Kay Tairov and Oberon Octagon!

Library Buzz on Info Island – Discussion with ALA: Oberon Octagon, Kay Tairov Live in Second Life Tonight at 5 pm PT/SLT – RSVP at the Facebook Event Page at

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Help create the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of ALA) Virtual Worlds Interest Group!

Hi, all! I’m sending this note on behalf of Rhonda Trueman, known in Second Life as Abbey Zenith.

This request concerns the continuation of activities and events in Second Life (SL) by ALA’s Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL, a division of ALA <>), whose group is ACRL in SL.

See the ACRL in Second Life Facebook Group for more information.

— ALALibraryVal Miles


ACRL in SL (ALA's Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of ALA, in Second Life)

ACRL in SL (ALA's Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of ALA, in Second Life) on ALA Island (54, 192, 29)

Hi, everyone!

ACRL in SL has had a presence on ALA’s sim, ALA Island (54, 192, 29), for over a year.  We’ve offered discussion and speaker events and would like to continue doing these.

The ACRL SL Task Force sunsets this summer.  ACRL wishes to continue in Second Life and to do so has requested that we form an ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group that will oversee a volunteer to manage this area and develop programs.

We need 25 ACRL member “signatures” to submit the proposal. If you would like to add your name to this list, please email me at with your real life first and last name, your ALA membership number and your email address.

Many thanks!

SL: Abbey Zenith

Virtual Worlds, Real Libraries —

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But wait; there’s more! – 2009 National Library Week Events on ALA Island

More to see and hear for the 2009 National Library Week on ALA Island!

As April is School Library Media Month, and, with the permission of SLCN.TV, you can watch at the Galen Noltenius Sky (Video) Platform the recent entry in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Eduverse Talks series, Beyond the Dewey Decimal System: Librarians Leveraging Social Media to Build Professional Learning Communities, from February 17, 2009. As explained on the ISTE Eduverse Talks Blog: In this episode, Host Kevin Jarrett (SL: KJ Hax), leads an hour-long discussion about the growth of library/media learning networks and communities of practice powered by Web 2.0 tools and Second Life. Joining him will be: Lisa Perez (SL: Elaine Tulip), Chicago Public Schools; Joyce Valenza (SL: Joyce Story), Librarian, Springfield Township (PA) High School; and Rhonda Trueman (SL: Abbey Zenith), Head of Reference and Business Librarian for Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte, NC.

The Thursday of National Library Week is Support Teen Literature Day. In celebration of that, we present a radio show of teen pop culture icon, Archie Andrews. Comic books were arguably the first literature written specifically for kids and teens, but in the 1940s and 1950s they were villanized in polite society, and blamed, with rather specious studies, for creating troublesome teens and juvenile delinquency. Schools, parent teacher associations, and other community groups held bonfires and burned hundreds of comics. Longtime comics publishers went out of business while its dozens of writers and artists were thrown out of work and regarded as social outcasts. Now true, such accusations were never hurled at the comic book world of Archie; rather, it was comics that featured crime stories, superheroes, jungle queens, and romance tales that attracted ire and fire.  Still, in memory of the rocky past comic books have experienced in America, you can listen to the Archie radio show episode — in which Archie’s father attempts to wallpaper the living room of the Andrews home — in our Banned Books Week Town Square (and you can read more about this particular chapter in American pop culture history in the 2008 Picador publication, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America, by David Hajdu).

Last but not least, if you missed the Fall 2008 SLymposium, you can listen to an audio archive of its morning sessions, courtesy of Radio Riel via the Internet Archive, at Salon Huron. The surviving audio of the afternoon sessions will be there later in the week. The morning sessions in the audio recording of the presenters at the American Library Association Second Life Symposium on Nov. 8, 2008 contain: Welcome and Keynote by Tom Peters (SL’s Maxito Ricardo), author, ALA TechSource Library Technology Report on Librarianship in Virtual Worlds; Public and Rural Libraries in Second Life by Sonja Morgan (SL’s Sonja Morgwain), Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library; Library Associations in Second Life by Tina Coleman (SL’s Kay Tairov), ALA; and Academic Libraries in Second Life by Carrie Pennell (SL’s Carrie Kent), Harvard University. The afternoon sessions contain: Special Libraries in Second Life by Carol Perryman, Coordinator of Health Infoisland; and Graduate Library Students in Second Life by Sue Bergren. Due to logistical and technical difficulties, this recording does not contain the middle presentation, Schools, Teens and Tweens in Virtual Worlds by Kelly Czarnecki (SL’s BlueWings Hayek), Public Library Of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County. HOWEVER, Kelly Czarnecki participated in a similar OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries–and All Library Users) Podcast, along with Tom Peters and Clint Zintgraff, on January 25, 2008, and that discussion can be heard via the OPAL Podcast blog entry, Virtual Worlds for Kids, Tweens, and Teens.

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ALA VCL MIG Member Appearances — Video, Transcript

A transcript from the February 17, 2009 Second Life Education Roundtable discussion featuring ALA VCL MIG member Lorelei Junot can be found at:

Transcript of Feb. 17, 2009 Second Life Roundtable Discussion.
Topic: Libraries & Library Services in SL (special guest: Lorelei Junot)


Freely available online is a streaming video of the event with ALA VCL MIG members Elaine Tulip and Abbey Zenith along with Joyce Story — known in real life as Lisa Perez, Rhonda Trueman, and Joyce Valenza, respectively — from

Beyond the Dewey Decimal System: Librarians Leveraging Social Media to Build Professional Learning Communities

ISTE Eduverse Talks Broadcast – February 17, 2009

ISTE = International Society for Technology in Education

ISTE Eduverse Talks is a production of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and Filmed and broadcast from Second Life, the series highlights innovations in educational technology, in both real life and Second Life.

ISTE takes a look at how librarians are using social media and other tools like Second Life in their daily work. Host Kevin Jarrett talks with Area Library Coordinator, Chicago Public Schools Lisa Perez (Elaine Tulip in SL), Librarian, Springfield Township High School (PA) Joyce Valenza (Joyce Story in SL) and Rhonda Trueman (Abbey Zenith in SL).

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