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ALALibraryVal Miles at the Second Life Education Roundtable (SLER), February 24 2009

Hi, ALALibraryVal Miles here. I recently joined the Second Life Education Roundtable (SLER), both in-world and on Facebook, and so far I’ve been to two of their weekly Tuesday meetings. As you know, last Tuesday, February 17, the speaker was ALA VCL MIG member Lorelei Junot, presenting Libraries & Library Services in Second Life. This past Tuesday, February 24, was an Open Forum discussion, but the overall topic seemed to be about encouraging others — colleagues, faculty, students — to try Second Life and see its potential as a powerful, unique educational tool.

ALALibraryVal Miles at the February 25, 2009 SLER Meeting.

ALALibraryVal Miles at the February 25, 2009 SLER Meeting.

As with the early days of the Internet, the medium is the message, but it doesn’t help that because Second Life looks like a video game, it’s assumed to be nothing more than a video game (and then there are those in Nebraska who think librarians shouldn’t be playing video games either, but I digress). Second Life allows for synchronous communication with colleagues across thousands of miles — just this meeting drew facilitator AJ Brooks in New Jersey, myself in Chicago, tech consultant (and photographer) Olivia Hotshot at CSU Chico, and senior administrator Geoff Lumley at the University of Leeds, UK, among others — which afforded us the opportunity to give voice to, yes, our common challenges and frustrations, but also to our individual activities, goals, and achievements. There are university-level classes, projects, and library services going on continuously in Second Life, exploring librarianship, architecture, religion, writing, and even accounting.

If it is indeed mastery over information technology that will determine power and position in the future, the Second Life virtual world and its clever, colorful and imaginative avatars provide a living, breathing exhibit of an innovation economy every day.

The transcript to the entire discussion is available to read online at Second Life Education Roundtable Feb. 24 2009.

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ALA VCL MIG Member Appearances — Video, Transcript

A transcript from the February 17, 2009 Second Life Education Roundtable discussion featuring ALA VCL MIG member Lorelei Junot can be found at:

Transcript of Feb. 17, 2009 Second Life Roundtable Discussion.
Topic: Libraries & Library Services in SL (special guest: Lorelei Junot)


Freely available online is a streaming video of the event with ALA VCL MIG members Elaine Tulip and Abbey Zenith along with Joyce Story — known in real life as Lisa Perez, Rhonda Trueman, and Joyce Valenza, respectively — from

Beyond the Dewey Decimal System: Librarians Leveraging Social Media to Build Professional Learning Communities

ISTE Eduverse Talks Broadcast – February 17, 2009

ISTE = International Society for Technology in Education

ISTE Eduverse Talks is a production of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and Filmed and broadcast from Second Life, the series highlights innovations in educational technology, in both real life and Second Life.

ISTE takes a look at how librarians are using social media and other tools like Second Life in their daily work. Host Kevin Jarrett talks with Area Library Coordinator, Chicago Public Schools Lisa Perez (Elaine Tulip in SL), Librarian, Springfield Township High School (PA) Joyce Valenza (Joyce Story in SL) and Rhonda Trueman (Abbey Zenith in SL).

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