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Happy Free Comic Book Day 2010!

Can’t get to a comic book store or your local library? Come to ALA Island in Second Life and celebrate the spirit by watching the 1941 Fleischer Superman animated short at the Galen Noltenius Sky Platform and/or by listening to an episode of the Archie Andrews radio show in Story Hour Garden. Both presentations are courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Superman (1941), Fleischer Studios – Video at Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46). HAPPY FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! In celebration, see the animated ten-minute short, Superman (1941), which was produced by Max Fleischer and directed by Dave Fleischer — and voiced by the actors doing the syndicated radio show at the time. Find out more via IMDb at Also see the Superman Wikipedia entry at Runtime: 10:20. Courtesy of the Internet Archive:

Archie Andrews radio show – New TV Set episode – at Story Hour Garden on ALA Island (25, 101, 21). HAPPY FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! In celebration, hear the “New TV Set” episode of the Archie Andrews radio show, adapted from the long-running Archie Andrews comic books series and characters. See the Archie Andrews Wikiepedia entry at Runtime: 29:13. Courtesy of the Internet Archive:

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Current Halloween ALA Island Programs, other Second Life Event Info

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Recent programming notes —

Member Lounge on ALA Island (79, 89, 29): Oct 2009 Games in Libraries Podcast by Scott Nicholson: National Gaming Day 2009

Now playing at Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46): Frankenstein, 1910 film version. More info at

This week at Story Hour Garden on ALA Island (25, 101, 21): Graveyard Mansion episode of Witch’s Tale radio. More info at


SJSU SLIS Second Life 3rd Annual Halloween Party on 10/30 at 5:30 pm PT/SLT on SJSU SLIS Island

Second Life Blogs: Commerce Forums: Halloween Spotlight Offers Virtual Tricks and Treats

RT – Second Life College Fair exhibit booths will be open til Nov 15! #SLCF09 International Schools 2 (109, 72, 24)

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Banned Books Week 2009 on ALA Island in Second Life!

2009 Banned Books Week began Saturday, September 26, and ends Saturday, October 3!

Tuesday, September 29th

Banned Books Week and the Children’s Librarian at 5:00 pm Pacific Time/Second Life Time at Main Stage, ALA Island (130, 103, 31) — A group discussion about issues related to selection policies, intellectual freedom, and handling challenges as they pertain to children’s services. From AASL-SIGMS (American Association for School Librarians, a division of ALA-Special Interest Group Media Specialists of the International Society for Technology in Education).


Thursday, October 1st

Let FREADOM Ring: Celebrate BBW in SL 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time/Second Life Time at Banned Books Week Town Square, ALA Island  (203, 55, 61) — Produced by the AVL LIS Student Union in SL by MLIS students from the University of Hawaii and San Jose State University, hosted by the American Library Association.

SPECIAL GUEST  “Silencing Books: The Suppression of Ideas and FREADOM”
Dr. Rebecca Knuth, Professor of Library and Information Science at University of Hawaii at Manoa, recipient of the Sarah Vann Intellectual Freedom Award, and author of Libricide: The Regime-Sponsored Destruction of Books and Libraries in the Twentieth Century and Burning Books and Leveling Libraries: Extremist Violence and Cultural Destruction. In addition, there will be a hunt, music, dancing, a photo contest and other activities. Attend in costume representing a banned/challenged book or author if you like; but this is not required. Free costumes available on site. Have your photo taken and win prizes for best costume 1000L for 1st, 500L for 2nd, and 250L for 3rd.


Friday, October 2nd

San Jose State University Read-A-Thon and Costume Party: A Walk Where the Wild Books Are at 6:30 pm PT/SLT at SJSU SLIS Island (124, 110, 33) FYI: SJSU (San Jose State University) SLIS (School of Library & Information Science)

6:30-6:35 — Welcomes and introduction
6:35-6:45 — Susie Schridde BBW PowerPoint (Brief background on BB and read the constitution)
6:45 to 7:15 — Read-a-thon  “A walk where the “wild” books are”
6:45-6:50 — Silhshoot Seelowe – Wild Things
6:50-7:00 — Ananta Tomorrow – Fellowship of the Ring
7:00-7:05 — Banned Book or not! Game
6:55-7:00 — Clicquot Oh –  Catcher and the Rye
7:00-7:05 — Susie Schridde – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
7:05-7:15 — Hangman game or Guess the BB title
7:15-7:30 —  Discussion of banned books
8:00 — Dance  Contest, best in banned book character
9:00 — Contest vote and random drawing for $25 Amazon gift card
9:30 — Conclusion (Fireworks)

* Schedule subject to change.


See the San Jose State University Banned Books Week Exhibit on the Main Stage, ALA Island (137, 102, 29).  Display created by Silhshoot Seelowe.
See the San Jose State University Banned Books Week Exhibit on the Main Stage, ALA Island (137, 102, 29). Display created by Silhshoot Seelowe.

San Jose State University Banned Books Week Exhibit (pictured at left) – Main Stage, ALA Island (137, 102, 29).

Banned Books Week Exhibit of AASL-SIGMS (American Association for School Librarians, a division of ALA-Special Interest Group Media Specialists of the International Society for Technology in Education) at the AASL Area, ALA Island (30, 137, 59).

Videos at Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46) from the Office for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association in celebration of Banned Books Week! Six videos: 2009 Banned Books Week PSA starring the Crash Pad puppets Chad, Rustle, and Mooch; 2008 Banned Books Week Read-Out wrap-up report; Stephen Chbosky’s Why Not to Ban Books from the 2008 Read-Out; 2008 Banned Books Week PSA video, I’d Like to Find *BLEEP*; 2007 Read-Out Promo with authors; 2007 Banned Books Week Read-Out wrap-up report.

Video at Salon Huron, ALA Island (186, 202, 28) of complete walkthrough of Fahrenheit 451 Commodore 64 videogame from 1984 via the Internet Archive.

AND 2009 Banned Books Week Read-Out wrap-up report at AL Focus Video Village, ALA Island (79, 44, 44).

Story Hour Garden on ALA Island (25, 101, 21) Presents: First Acts and Chapters of Banned Books, courtesy of LibriVox via Internet Archive:

Saturday, Sept 26
Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure – John Cleland (Part 1)
Banned Books: 2007 Resource Guide – page 38, No. 271
Banned in Massachusetts in 1821 in the first known U.S. obscenity case.

Sunday, Sept 27
A Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen (Act 1)
Banned Books: 2007 Resource Guide – p. 84, No. 764

Monday, Sept 28
Moby Dick, or the Whale – Herman Melville (Chapter 1)
Banned Books: 2007 Resource Guide – p. 114, No. 1102

Tuesday, Sept 29
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain (Chapter 1)
Banned Books: 2007 Resource Guide – p. 166-168, No. 1609

Wednesday, Sept 30
Twelfth Night – William Shakespeare (Act 1)
Banned Books: 2007 Resource Guide – p. 149, No. 1435

Thursday, Oct 1
Dracula – Bram Stoker (Chapter 1)
Banned Books: 2007 Resource Guide – p. 161, No. 1551

Friday, Oct 2
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll – Lewis Carroll (Chapter 1)
Banned Books: 2007 Resource Guide – p. 35, No. 234

Saturday, Oct 3
Ulysses – James Joyce (Part 1)
Banned Books: 2007 Resource Guide – p. 87, No. 805
Burned in the USA in 1918.

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New on ALA Island for June 2009!

The latest videos and podcast available “on demand” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on ALA Island

2009 Chicago Annual Conference Promo: What are YOU looking forward to, this summer?
Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)
Produced by ALA Conference Services, this video features plenty of your colleagues discussing the value of Annual Conference–and the benefits to holding it in Chicago. The 2009 ALA Annual Conference is July 9 to 15 –

Job of a Lifetime – Brian Mathews (podcast) at Member Lounge from ALA’s Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL, a division of ALA)
Member Lounge on ALA Island (79, 89, 29)
College & Research Libraries News (C&RL News) “Job of a Lifetime” column editor Erin Dorney talks with Brian Mathews about his work as User Experience Librarian at Georgia Tech. Mathews is now assistant university librarian for outreach and academic services at the University of California -Santa Barbara.  Read more about Mathews in the June 2009 issue of C&RL News – The User Experience Librarian,
Time: 14:17 — The music in this ACRL Podcast is “Don’t you,” mixed by stefsax and available on ccMixter. The music is used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

New Videos at AL Focus Video Village as of June 2, 2009
AL Focus Video Village on  ALA Island (79, 44, 44)
AL Focus is the video home of American Libraries (AL) magazine — the monthly magazine for ALA members. AL Focus Video Village is where you can watch AL Focus videos on ALA Island in SL. Newest videos available — Interview with T.A. Barron, author of the Lost Years of Merlin books; Interview with Lauren Myracle, the oft-challenged author of such books as ttyl, Bliss, and the new Peace, Love & Baby Ducks; and We Read Everything from ALA’s Booklist magazine — For over 100 years, Booklist magazine has been reading everything–so you don’t have to. But how do we read that many books? For the first time ever, the intrepid editors at Booklist provide a glimpse into the their top-secret methods. Prepare to be shocked and amazed.

Judith Krug Video in Banned Books Week Town Square — 1981 appearance on Open Mind PBS TV Show
Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61)
Judith Krug was the founding director of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom and Banned Books Week. She passed away recently, in early April. Available to view in-world in Second Life now is the Open Mind episode from 1981, titled, Libraries, Free Speech, and Public Responsibility.

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NLW 2009: Debrief

Posted by Oberon Octagon

Mutant Lives displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.

Mutant Lives displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.

For those who don’t know what NLW stands for (I was asked this on two occasions on the ALA Main Stage in Second Life), it stands for National Library Week. This was our second year in SL celebrating NLW. The theme was Worlds Connect @yourlibrary and Island staff tried to make connections with other agencies in SL to widen the scope of our celebration. We had two very well-attended presentations, one given by North Lamar (Joe Sanchez) on Virtual Worlds, with more than 20 avis present throughout, and by Cielo Paris (Jenny Levine) on the ALA Connect application just launched the week before, with more than a dozen attending. Two great book talks were given, and at all times there were plenty of multimedia programs to be visited at AL Focus Mountain or on the Galen Noltenius Sky Platform. We did everything we’ve done before and it went smoothly–we’ve gotten pretty good with it.

Biran's Gadgets displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.


We also ran a treasure hunt that didn’t involve free t-shirts or posters but honest-to-goodness prizes given by honest-to-goodness SL vendors outside the InfoIsland Archipelago! The concept was to spread gift boxes to various sims on the Archipelago (Land of Lincoln, Bradburyville, etc.). The hunter finds a box that has a gift, a landmark to the store from which the gift came, and the landmark for the next sim in the hunt. I’ll readily confess it could have been better, but we had eight vendors out of the two dozen solicited volunteer to provide valuable gifts to the treasure hunters, from 50% off gift certificates to event gadgets, fun accessories and games. Two vendors had to drop out because I wasn’t available in time to work with them-I learned much about the fine details of setting up this kind of event. We also had someone basically walk off with a gift box and had to take that sim out of the hunt. Twenty people are recorded as having bought our treasure map (for free). I don’t have any information from the vendors as to how much traffic came to their stores from this rather modest group. As you can see from screen caps, three stores put up an NLW Sponsor poster, which we hoped let the wider SL world know about us. I am determined to grow this hunt during future week-long activities excepting AC and MW, when there’s already too much to do and too few to do it! But I believe strongly that we need to connect with the rest of Second Life and not become a special interest ghetto, and this is one way to do that.

Mimi*a*Go*Go displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.

Mimi*a*Go*Go displays our sponsorship poster at storefront.

FWIW, here are the numbers for the week of April 12-18 when I break down our stat collectors to unique visitors:

  • Salon Huron = 64
  • Main Stage = 411
  • Banned Books Week Village = 64
  • AL Focus Mountain = 13

Frankly, the numbers are not the way to measure this event, which we really attempted to spread out beyond our island. If anyone else out there has numbers for that week, please post in a comment here! What I find most fascinating is a relatively newcomer to SL and the Archipelago just being there the whole week! One fellow has apparently applied for a job at the ALA Washington Office! (I’m rooting for you! We need more ALA staff with SL experience!) He went to everything, although at times it looked like he may have been sleeping!

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But wait; there’s more! – 2009 National Library Week Events on ALA Island

More to see and hear for the 2009 National Library Week on ALA Island!

As April is School Library Media Month, and, with the permission of SLCN.TV, you can watch at the Galen Noltenius Sky (Video) Platform the recent entry in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Eduverse Talks series, Beyond the Dewey Decimal System: Librarians Leveraging Social Media to Build Professional Learning Communities, from February 17, 2009. As explained on the ISTE Eduverse Talks Blog: In this episode, Host Kevin Jarrett (SL: KJ Hax), leads an hour-long discussion about the growth of library/media learning networks and communities of practice powered by Web 2.0 tools and Second Life. Joining him will be: Lisa Perez (SL: Elaine Tulip), Chicago Public Schools; Joyce Valenza (SL: Joyce Story), Librarian, Springfield Township (PA) High School; and Rhonda Trueman (SL: Abbey Zenith), Head of Reference and Business Librarian for Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte, NC.

The Thursday of National Library Week is Support Teen Literature Day. In celebration of that, we present a radio show of teen pop culture icon, Archie Andrews. Comic books were arguably the first literature written specifically for kids and teens, but in the 1940s and 1950s they were villanized in polite society, and blamed, with rather specious studies, for creating troublesome teens and juvenile delinquency. Schools, parent teacher associations, and other community groups held bonfires and burned hundreds of comics. Longtime comics publishers went out of business while its dozens of writers and artists were thrown out of work and regarded as social outcasts. Now true, such accusations were never hurled at the comic book world of Archie; rather, it was comics that featured crime stories, superheroes, jungle queens, and romance tales that attracted ire and fire.  Still, in memory of the rocky past comic books have experienced in America, you can listen to the Archie radio show episode — in which Archie’s father attempts to wallpaper the living room of the Andrews home — in our Banned Books Week Town Square (and you can read more about this particular chapter in American pop culture history in the 2008 Picador publication, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America, by David Hajdu).

Last but not least, if you missed the Fall 2008 SLymposium, you can listen to an audio archive of its morning sessions, courtesy of Radio Riel via the Internet Archive, at Salon Huron. The surviving audio of the afternoon sessions will be there later in the week. The morning sessions in the audio recording of the presenters at the American Library Association Second Life Symposium on Nov. 8, 2008 contain: Welcome and Keynote by Tom Peters (SL’s Maxito Ricardo), author, ALA TechSource Library Technology Report on Librarianship in Virtual Worlds; Public and Rural Libraries in Second Life by Sonja Morgan (SL’s Sonja Morgwain), Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library; Library Associations in Second Life by Tina Coleman (SL’s Kay Tairov), ALA; and Academic Libraries in Second Life by Carrie Pennell (SL’s Carrie Kent), Harvard University. The afternoon sessions contain: Special Libraries in Second Life by Carol Perryman, Coordinator of Health Infoisland; and Graduate Library Students in Second Life by Sue Bergren. Due to logistical and technical difficulties, this recording does not contain the middle presentation, Schools, Teens and Tweens in Virtual Worlds by Kelly Czarnecki (SL’s BlueWings Hayek), Public Library Of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County. HOWEVER, Kelly Czarnecki participated in a similar OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries–and All Library Users) Podcast, along with Tom Peters and Clint Zintgraff, on January 25, 2008, and that discussion can be heard via the OPAL Podcast blog entry, Virtual Worlds for Kids, Tweens, and Teens.

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In honor of Frank Zappa!

As noted by Eric Shoaf in his blog entry, “Remembering an Iconoclast,” Frank Zappa passed away 15 years ago today —

In recognition of that, we’re interrupting the Doug Wilson videogame movie’s run just today, in order to present again Frank Zappa’s March 28, 1986 appearance on Crossfire (courtesy of the Internet Archive) at the Galen Noltenius Sky Platform, ALA Island (206, 100, 46).

Frank Zappa on Crossfire March 28 1986

Frank Zappa on Crossfire March 28 1986

Also at the Galen Noltenius Sky (Video) Platform is a small pyramid that you can click to get information about the Frank Zappa Memorial Fund:

The American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read Foundation have been designated by the Frank Zappa family as among the organizations to receive contributions made in his memory.

The Foundation has established the “Frank Zappa Memorial Fund” to receive such contributions. The Office for Intellectual Freedom coordinates ALA programs in the area of intellectual freedom. It provides guidance and information to librarians and trustees dealing with censorship issues, maintains a database of incidents of censorship and publishes a newsletter that reports on incidents related to First Amendment rights. The Freedom to Read Foundation was established by ALA in 1969 as a legal defense organization to promote and protect freedom of speech and freedom of the press, to protect the public’s access to library materials and to safeguard libraries’ right to collect and make available all works that may be legally acquired. The Foundation leads efforts to stop censorship wherever it arises by defending First Amendment freedoms in court and providing legal and financial help in cases involving libraries and librarians, authors, publishers and booksellers.

Contributions may be sent to the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom at 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611. Contributions to the Freedom to Read Foundation/Frank Zappa Memorial Fund should be sent to: Freedom to Read Foundation, Frank Zappa Memorial Fund, at the same address. If you are donating in memory of Frank Zappa, please be sure to designate this.

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Now showing at Galen Noltenius Sky (Video) Platform: Crafting the Virtual World and The Art of Interactive Storytelling by Douglas Wilson (30 min), a brief history of videogames!

Just in time for ALA’s first annual National Gaming Day on November 15, 2008, ALA Island in Second Life is showing the two-videos-in-one video, “Crafting the Virtual World and The Art of Interactive Storytelling” which was recorded, edited, and written by Douglas Wilson. Watch the video at the Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46).

The 30-minute video, which features scenes from various video games — from 1987’s “Legend of Zelda (shown above)” to 2002’s “Neverwinter Nights” — can also be viewed at, at:

Full details:

This video was recorded, edited, and written by Douglas Wilson for an exhibit curated by Henry Lowood and Casey Alt of the How They Got Game Project, Stanford Humanities Lab, called “Fictional Worlds, Virtual Experiences: Storytelling and Computer Games.” The exhibit was hosted by the Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University and ran from 12 Nov. 2003 through 28 March 2004.

Crafting the Virtual World and The Art of Interactive Storytelling are actually two separate loops, which is how they appear as part of the Archiving Virtual Worlds video archive hosted on the Internet Archive.

Crafting the Virtual World’s featured games include The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, Sim City 2000, Grand Theft Auto 3, Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario 64, Everquest, Doom, and Metroid Prime.

The Art of Interactive Storytelling’s featured games include Adventure, Ultima IV, Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 7, Half-Life, The Secret of Monkey Island, Neverwinter Nights, and The Sims.

ALALibraryVal Miles watches a scene from Legend of Zelda -- Its dangerous to go alone. Take this.
ALALibraryVal Miles watches a scene from Legend of Zelda — “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Douglas Wilson was kind enough to join the two loops together as a single video, using the original high-quality footage. I asked him to do this so that we could show these videos in Second Life, on ALA Island, to celebrate ALA’s first annual National Gaming Day, happening November 15, 2008 — which is hopefully happening at a library near you!

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Dracula on ALA Island! (And so much more)

In honor of Halloween on Friday, October 31, the Mercury Theater on the Air radio production of “Dracula” plays at the Sky Book Platform, which stars drama legend Orson Welles. Set your World/Environment Settings to Midnight for extra creepiness! (1 hr)
ALA Island (129, 156, 69) – Sky Book Platform

We have that classic (!) 1947 Vocational Guidance Films title, “The Librarian,” playing on the large screen at the Galen Noltenius Sky Platform. (10 min)
ALA Island (206, 100, 46) – Galen Noltenius Sky Platform

The StoryLines Midwest episode featuring “A Sand County Almanac” by Aldo Leopold continues at Story Hour Garden.
ALA Island (25, 101, 21) – Story Hour Garden

ALA’s member magazine, “American Libraries (AL),” has been producing video segments for over a year now under the banner “ALFocus.” All of them, with the newest first available, can be viewed in-world at the ALFocus Video Village up in the mountains of ALA Island. Just click the screen to get the menu of choices.

ALA Island (79, 44, 44) – ALFocus Video Village

Two Newest  —
* Gaming at Oak Park (IL) Public Library
* LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) National Forum 2008: Technology and Community

Did you get to see everything that our Banned Books Week 2008 Town Square had to offer? Literary references abound on the many buildings and cars! Snap a picture in front of Gulliver’s Travel Agency. Pose as Romeo & Juliet on the ladder outside Dr. Frankenstein’s Apothecary. Stand on a soapbox in front of the Court House. And see if the Banned Books Trivia Cage right in front of the Public Library traps you…!
ALA Island (121, 98, 29) – Banned Books Week 2008 Town Square

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