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But wait; there’s more! – 2009 National Library Week Events on ALA Island

More to see and hear for the 2009 National Library Week on ALA Island!

As April is School Library Media Month, and, with the permission of SLCN.TV, you can watch at the Galen Noltenius Sky (Video) Platform the recent entry in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Eduverse Talks series, Beyond the Dewey Decimal System: Librarians Leveraging Social Media to Build Professional Learning Communities, from February 17, 2009. As explained on the ISTE Eduverse Talks Blog: In this episode, Host Kevin Jarrett (SL: KJ Hax), leads an hour-long discussion about the growth of library/media learning networks and communities of practice powered by Web 2.0 tools and Second Life. Joining him will be: Lisa Perez (SL: Elaine Tulip), Chicago Public Schools; Joyce Valenza (SL: Joyce Story), Librarian, Springfield Township (PA) High School; and Rhonda Trueman (SL: Abbey Zenith), Head of Reference and Business Librarian for Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte, NC.

The Thursday of National Library Week is Support Teen Literature Day. In celebration of that, we present a radio show of teen pop culture icon, Archie Andrews. Comic books were arguably the first literature written specifically for kids and teens, but in the 1940s and 1950s they were villanized in polite society, and blamed, with rather specious studies, for creating troublesome teens and juvenile delinquency. Schools, parent teacher associations, and other community groups held bonfires and burned hundreds of comics. Longtime comics publishers went out of business while its dozens of writers and artists were thrown out of work and regarded as social outcasts. Now true, such accusations were never hurled at the comic book world of Archie; rather, it was comics that featured crime stories, superheroes, jungle queens, and romance tales that attracted ire and fire.  Still, in memory of the rocky past comic books have experienced in America, you can listen to the Archie radio show episode — in which Archie’s father attempts to wallpaper the living room of the Andrews home — in our Banned Books Week Town Square (and you can read more about this particular chapter in American pop culture history in the 2008 Picador publication, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America, by David Hajdu).

Last but not least, if you missed the Fall 2008 SLymposium, you can listen to an audio archive of its morning sessions, courtesy of Radio Riel via the Internet Archive, at Salon Huron. The surviving audio of the afternoon sessions will be there later in the week. The morning sessions in the audio recording of the presenters at the American Library Association Second Life Symposium on Nov. 8, 2008 contain: Welcome and Keynote by Tom Peters (SL’s Maxito Ricardo), author, ALA TechSource Library Technology Report on Librarianship in Virtual Worlds; Public and Rural Libraries in Second Life by Sonja Morgan (SL’s Sonja Morgwain), Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library; Library Associations in Second Life by Tina Coleman (SL’s Kay Tairov), ALA; and Academic Libraries in Second Life by Carrie Pennell (SL’s Carrie Kent), Harvard University. The afternoon sessions contain: Special Libraries in Second Life by Carol Perryman, Coordinator of Health Infoisland; and Graduate Library Students in Second Life by Sue Bergren. Due to logistical and technical difficulties, this recording does not contain the middle presentation, Schools, Teens and Tweens in Virtual Worlds by Kelly Czarnecki (SL’s BlueWings Hayek), Public Library Of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County. HOWEVER, Kelly Czarnecki participated in a similar OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries–and All Library Users) Podcast, along with Tom Peters and Clint Zintgraff, on January 25, 2008, and that discussion can be heard via the OPAL Podcast blog entry, Virtual Worlds for Kids, Tweens, and Teens.

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ALA SLymposium Draws 80 Attendees (and doesn’t crash)!

The ALA Fall 2008 Second Life (SL) Symposium — called the ALA SLymposium for short — on November 8, 2008, stood firm with as many as 78 avatars on its last-minute relocation to Cybrary City, an island next door on the Second Life Information Archipelago of the Alliance Virtual Library which could better accommodate such numbers (I thought our Second Life avatar attendees would have enjoyed crowding off the stage and ending up watching our informative speakers from underneath the ALA Island waters, but I was outvoted!). ALA’s Virtual Communities and Libraries Member Initiative Group (ALA VCL MIG) worked quickly to ensure an otherwise seamless SLymposium experience, which counted over 100 registrants the day before the event.

The SLymposium drew a wide range of Second Life avatars interested in how this online virtual world can be applied to the theory and practice of librarianship, a mix of library professionals and library school students. There were attendees who have made logging in to Second Life a part of their daily routine as well as a few who had signed up as much as two years ago but had not found reason to return — until the event.

As pointed out by Steven Harris on his Collections 2.0 Blog in the entry, SL Riffing, the ALA SLymposium speakers were streamed in — courtesy of Gabriel Riel of — which left the usual chat communication box free to provide instant commentary as well as ask questions in-the-moment.

Tom Peters (SL Avatar: Maxito Ricardo) opened the ALA SLymposium promptly at 8 am Pacific Standard Time (which is also Second Life Time), welcoming the attendees with a message that reflected the ideas found in more detail in his Librarianship in Virtual Worlds issue of ALA’s Library Technology Reports, exploring libraries and library-patron relationships in a multi-user virtual environment (MUVE).

Sonja Morgan (SL Avatar: Sonja Morgwain) explained how SL helps her, a librarian in a rural area,  feel more connected to the profession, in providing the opportunity to speak with library workers from around the world, exponentially expanding her network of contacts and reliable resources.

Tina Coleman (ALA SL Avatar: Kay Tairov) spoke  of the various library associations, including some of the state library associations, that have created a presence within SL in order to better connect with and serve their members.

Carrie Pennell (SL Avatar: Carrie Kent) spoke only half-jokingly of her early expeditions into Second Life as a librarian but not necessarily as a duly named librarian of her place of work — which she can now openly declare is Harvard. Being in SL helped her to connect with her university student patrons. (Scheduled co-presenter FT Takacs wasn’t able to appear due to being on a plane somewhere between Thailand and… not Thailand!)

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ALA SLymposium on virtual worlds and libraries on November 8, 2008 on ALA Island

The American Library Association Virtual Communities and Libraries Membership Initiative Group (ALA VCL MIG) is pleased to announce its first ALA SLymposium to be held in the virtual world of Second Life on ALA island on Saturday November 8. There is no charge for the event.

The fall SLymposium will offer a look at what all types of library-related organizations are doing in Second Life. A companion symposium for spring will explore what all types of library-related organizations are doing in other virtual environments.

The keynote speaker for the SLymposium is Tom Peters, CEO of TAP Information Services, and author of the recently released Libraries and Virtual Worlds, an ALA TechSource publication. Peters is also one of the conveners of the VCL MIG.

Other speakers include Sonja Morgan-Plummer, Tina Coleman from ALA, Carrie Pennell from Harvard University, FT Takacs from University of South Carolina, Carol Perryman from University of North Carolina SLIS, Kelly Czarnecki from Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, and Sue Bergren, a graduate student from the University of Illinois.

To register for this event, go to

For more information on the event, please contact Tom Peters at tapinformation(at), Lori Bell at lbell927(at), or Sonja Morgan at sonjamorgwain(at)

November 8, 2008 ALA SLymposium on ALA Island (130, 103, 31)

Event Schedule

8:00 A.M. – Welcome and Keynote
Tom Peters, author, ALA TechSource Library Technology Report on Librarianship in Virtual Worlds

8:30 A.M. – Public and Rural Libraries in Second Life
Sonja Morgan. Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library

9:00 A.M. – Library Associations in Second Life
Tina Coleman, ALA

9:30 A.M. – Academic Libraries in Second Life
Carrie Pennell, Harvard University
FT Takacs, University of South Carolina

10:00 – 11:00 A.M. – Break

11:00 A.M. – Special Libraries in Second Life
Carol Perryman, Coordinator of Health Infoisland

11:30 A.M. – Schools, Teens and Tweens in virtual worlds
Kelly Czarnecki, Public Library Of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

12:00 P. M. – Graduate library students in Second Life – Sue Bergren

12:30 P.M. – Social

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